The Wood elves are an Elven race which inhabits the northeastern peninsulas of Endor.


Wood elves are slightly shorter than humans, typically standing around 5'5.

Wood elf skin is typically copper in color with black or brown hair, though some Wood elves have hues of red hair. Wood elf eyes are typically green, brown or hazel.


Wood elf society is known to be egalitarian and values comradery and friendship. As a result, they have been able to forge strong and healthy relationships with their neighbors.

Like the Moon elves, the Wood elves have a deep appreciation for nature. As a result, their cities often have large parks and green spaces.

Tattooing is also a significant part of Wood elf culture. Tattoos help note a Wood elves various accomplishments, failures, roles in society or other social attributes.


The Wood elf religion is centered around the worship of the spirits of their ancestors. Wood elves who have lived noble lives are said to become honored spirits who assist their people in times of crisis.

Traditionally, when a Wood elf dies, their family burns the body and spreads its ashes around a tree planted in their memory.