Fera are the second-most populous race in the world of Tane. They largely resemble humans, though are often distinguished through the possession of animal traits.


Fera are similar in appearance to humans. However, they are distinguished from the latter by the possession of certain animal traits.

Mammalian Fera usually possess animal ears in addition to human ones, have horns protruding from their heads or possess tails. Avian and Bat Fera possess wings and are capable of powered flight. Arachnid Fera possess the ability to secrete substances natural to their heritage, such as scorpion venom or spider silk. Fish Fera possess fins on their arms and legs (and sometimes ears) as well as gills for breathing underwater. Reptilian Fera are known to have patches of scales scattered across their faces and bodies. Some possess tails and are capable of regenerating them, while others are capable of producing venom. Some Fera may have a trait that is not immediately apparent, such as retractable claws or skin capable of changing color.

Most Fera have incredible night vision, a trait that they use to great effect in combat.

Like humans, Fera possess a wide range of skin colors based on what region of Tane they are from. For example, Fera from Sha'ir, Gulden and Arles tend to have darker skin colors than Fera from Endor and Rasna.